Has it really been TWO months??

My last blog post is dated July 30, 2017 and I recapped our Fourth of July trip down the Cape. I cannot believe it's been that long since I've written about the boys and all the stuff happening in their lives. Where do I start?

Well I guess I will recap summer by saying it was great - yet ended way too soon. While I am ready for fall and have been enjoying a few fun festive fall activities (ha ffff), everything just goes by too damn fast.

September was a big birthday month! We celebrated with friends for Anna's first birthday party, and Danny's second birthday (pictured below). Both my parents' birthdays are in September so we celebrated a little bit with them. Jim's big 33 birthday is TOMORROW. Hard to believe we've been dating since age 17, and now we are turning 33.

We went to a Maynard festival to visit Auntie Theresa a few weeks ago. The boys are finally tall enough to go on a few rides. We flew through the tickets and couldn't stay long, but it was fun!

We made our semi-annual visit to McCue's for our mums and pumpkins - we usually go in the fall for flowers and then winter for our Christmas tree!

Just some memorable captures from the past month or so. Cal went through a horrible separation anxiety phase over these last couple of months. It has been HARD. Apparently I went through it when I was his age. It made leaving him at daycare or doing anything very challenging. He is also getting new teeth almost every single day. This guy has been through a lot. He is a trooper.

He is SUCH a Callahan! Hahaha

In addition to, working full time, taking care of three little boys, and maintaining some sort of normalcy/routine within it all - we decided to take on new BUNK BEDS! We bought them yesterday and Jim put them together. We don't have mattresses yet but they are all assembled in the kids room.

So right now, their converted crib/beds are over to the left, and the new bunk beds are where Caden's bed used to be - on the ride side (clearly). Caden has claimed the bottom and Conor has claimed the top. We'll see how that goes!

I am also planning on leaving one of the crib/beds in there for Cal. So we will have the three beds in there - just so nobody feels left out. :)

Their beds right beside each other reminds me of when they were babies! That's how we had their cribs when we lived in DC.  Con on the left in top/bottom pic and Caden on the right.

And Cal. :)

I thought this timing was really ironic. Here we are flying through life - barely surviving some days. I come across this picture this morning. I snap-chatted this pic to my sister after my FIRST ultrasound when I first found out I was pregnant in LA. Little did I know...because at that visit (by myself!) they told me there were TWO BABIES! Here is it folks....the first reaction of what my life was going to be like. Here is my blog post from that time.

All for now! Enjoy the rest of the weekend...and GO PATS!


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