My Three Sons: Their Individual Strengths, Challenges, and Personalities

First of all - GO PATRIOTS!! What a game!

When I was avoiding having a heart attack towards the end of the game, I was drafting up a post on each of my children - focusing on their independent strengths, personalities, and some challenges that they endure. The reason for doing so is that Conor and Caden just received their progress reports from school and I loved reading about them independently - their strengths, challenges, and overall personality.

When they were very little, maybe about 6 months, I wrote an "individual post" which I loved writing, and I also loved re-reading today. As a mom of twins, I will admit that I lump them together mainly to remain fair. I want them to have the same experiences, the same exposure to things, the same amount of attention and so on. It's easier for me to justify not bringing Cal to something because he is younger (like our NY trip for example) but with Conor and Caden, they are the same age and it's hard for me to separate. However, when I was pregnant with them and also when they were babies, the biggest piece of advice me and Jim received was to treat them as individuals, separate them in school, never refer to them as "the twins" and to encourage each individual personality as best we could. So here goes - oldest to youngest...

Conor James:

My oldest, sweetest, caring boy. Conor loves with all he has. He is a thoughtful, genuine, kind-hearted boy. In one of the blurbs in the "Social" section of his progress report, the teacher wrote, "Conor often asks why another child in the room is crying - without hesitating he goes over and gives the child a hug." To me, as a parent, that is something that cannot be taught. You cannot teach a child to love and genuinely care about other people. You can try, and you can hope they pick it up. But at Conor's young age, he really genuinely does wholeheartedly.  The other day he said to me, "Mom, I love your green eyes." And often when I sneeze or cough, he asks "Mom, are you okay?" Like - come on. He is the sweetest.


Caden Francis:

Caden is the most inquisitive and charming three year old I've ever met. He has been so smart and curious ever since he was a baby. He originally connected with Jim from the beginning, mainly because they are so similar - but lately, he has been super clingy with me which is amazing. He has so much love to offer right now. Not to mention he has had a few nightmares and and has run into our room, so it gives us an opportunity to bond and for me to spend time with just Caden. He is super sweet. He will look at me and just say "I love you, Mom" and gives me a kiss. I must admit that it is my absolute favorite thing. In one of the blurbs in the progress report about Caden, the teachers wrote just how inquisitive and intelligent he is...he tries to make sense of everything and tries to figure out how everything works (he reminds me A LOT of Jimbo). The teachers wrote that Caden loves books and loves story-telling. He often tries to relate the story to his real-life experiences, especially stories about the beach or water, which to me, it means he loves Cape Cod and always talks about our "little house".

Cal Thomas:

My forever little baby Cal. I have always called him "Baby Cal", but now that he is a year and a half, I am shifting to "Cal Pal" which I think Chrissy came up with. I think it suits him so well! He is a crazy little man - constantly on the go. My Dad refers to him as "The Destroyer". Jim's grandmother calls him "The Boss" you get the idea. He is a strong little guy, but he has to be. He has two older brothers who totally try to control everything, the toys, the room, the house, you name it! So I feel relieved that Cal is a strong little boy and can stand up for himself. He also has had a ton of personality emerge lately. My mom noticed this too and mentioned how funny she thinks he is all of a sudden. He absolutely LOVES to dance and he has been trying to talk so much more. He will look at someone and have a serious conversation with them. He thinks he is actually talking. My parents think its so funny when he looks up at them and talks all this gibberish. It's really cute. He is growing up so quick and I love him so much. I am so proud of him.

And a recent family pic!

And THANK YOU to everyone for all the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday this year and everyone made it very memorable. Thank you so much for all the kind texts/messages/calls/visits. :)

Til next time...


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