Mom Weekend GETAWAY!!

My friend Suz and I just got back from the most relaxing weekend of all time!

For some reason, it took me almost four years to book/plan a girls getaway and I am sure glad I did. Lately, as some of you can tell from recent blog posts, it's been hectic around here. I am toying with the idea of switching Conor and Caden's preschool (in addition to their recent classroom separation), I am thinking about next school phase for Cal, I work full time, Jim and I are finishing our basement, and we are in the preliminary stages of adding on to our Cape house. Needless to say, it is non-stop. It is all great - and we are super fortunate, it just adds up and stresses me out to constantly be thinking about everyday things all day, every single I right?

Suz and I searched high and low for the perfect getaway. We even contemplated one of those "Groupon Getaways" to escape this crap weather and head to the DR for an all-inclusive mayhem weekend. Ha. Then we decided it would be best to stay local, especially considering all the things I just listed above. We stumbled upon the Chatham Bars Inn, and I think it's safe to say we most certainly will be back. It was a luxurious, relaxing, fun, much needed girls getaway.

We took Friday off and headed down to Cape Cod. I told my coworkers I had a weekend away planned in Chatham and everyone asked, are you staying at the Chatham Bars Inn? I don't think I realized how well known the place was...but now I get why! It was amazing! And it wasn't even prime season...

Before I left, I took a photo with each of my boys. I find it SO hard to leave them. Although once I'm away, I'm good. :)

I dropped them off at school Friday morning, packed up my car, and took off for the Cape. I figured I would sit in some traffic, but I didn't care because I was by myself. I made it to Hyannis around 11AM and started some shopping at the Cape Cod Mall. It was actually pretty cool! I hit up several stores and tried on lots of rompers. Thanks to my sister Chrissy for FaceTiming with all my outfit changes.

I then realized it was getting close to our spa appointment, so I drove over to my Cape house, took a shower, and went straight to Chatham.  We made it to spa around 1 and our appointments were at 1:30. Here we are about to go in!

This was the view from the balcony area where we had some breakfast, and also some wine. It was pretty chilly and super windy our last night, but over the summer it has to be beautiful.

The pool area was amazing. It was a great big space with a heated pool (84 degrees) and a hot tub (104 degrees) with a special kiddie pool and a little splash area, pictured below.

On Saturday morning, we walked down to Chatham and did some shopping. We also grabbed some coffee and a bagel and enjoyed some people watching.

Meanwhile, we heard an update from our hubbies and kiddos - everyone met up at our place in Hyannis for some fun! Here is Conor, Caden, Tori, John, Kenzie, and Cal!

Naturally, we decided to take a Lexus for a test ride for a few hours. Suz drove the the Truro Vineyard and I drove back. Here is Suz getting the tutorial! lol

We made it to Truro Vineyard for a tasting and then hung out outside. Again, it would've been amazing if it were nicer out. Although this sure is better than snow!

We went to so many amazing dinners!  We went to Del Mar in Chatham our first night, then had a late lunch/early dinner at the Chatham Bars Inn after Truro on Saturday, followed by some amazing sushi at Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar later on that night. We even found some live music at Squire next door. I mean, we pretty much crushed Chatham.

Suz spotted this sign - "Conor" spelled the right way, on a CALI license plate! How funny!!

I absolutely loved exploring. It was so nice to check out a different part of Cape Cod too - nevermind having no children and not "hosting" or staying at my own house. A-MAZING.

I then was super excited to pick up these nuggets who were just 30 min away in Hyannis! I scooped them up and drove home so Jim could have a quiet 30 minutes while he packed up the house.

Back to reality!

Congratulations to all the runners today - how incredible that people were able to run in such treacherous weather. You are all unbelievable!  And also congrats to all the AMERICAN WINNERS! I feel like we crushed it today. I guess we are all used to this weather haha. For those who had today off, I hope you enjoyed it and stayed inside. Here's to Spring!

Til next time...


P.S. Happy 2nd Anniversary to my favorite SISTER and her wife Lindsey!! You two are amazing and I can't wait to see you soooo soon!

For those who want to relive their BIG DAY -  here is the post to chrissyandbigredwed 


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