The Easter Bunny Came to Our House! 2018

That's a wrap!  Easter 2018 sure was a busy one. It was really fun. Conor, who probably loves Easter the most out of our three kids, had a BLAST. It is seriously his favorite holiday. I asked him if he liked Easter or Christmas better and he said Easter (we knew he was leaning that way...). He has loved eggs (shakers, puzzles, and candy) since he was a baby. Early Intervention would use these egg shakes for music class and he was always his favorite part. I dreaded when they had to give the eggs back.

Let's start from the beginning of Easter weekend - on Saturday, we went to McCues Garden Center for a kids Easter egg hunt. The flowers there were beautiful. They do a great job. We get our Christmas tree here every year, too. My mom came with me and the kids had a good time. Conor struggled with the limit of eggs per kid and had a meltdown, but I totally get that. If you see an egg, why can't you go run and grab it? Understandable, bud. 

We met up with my friend Shayla, her husband Kyle and their daughter Anna who is about Cal's age! I love when we hang with them because then Cal has a buddy his own age. :)  After McCues, we went to 3rd Ave in Burlington for their annual event. It was PACKED. Last year was a bit more tolerable, but it was still a beautiful day outside so it was nice to walk around.


Later that day, I made some cupcakes for my Aunt Debbie's house and some brownies (with mini eggs inside! Ahhh!) for my house - since we were hosting the Phelans later on for dinner. After the boys went to bed, we filled the eggs and brought some outside, and then we filled MORE eggs and brought them around the inside of the house.

The boys woke up and were in their glory - especially Conor. He was amazed at all the eggs everywhere (note his completely full basket and full bucket). Caden was his little teammate and when he found eggs, he helped Conor fill his buckets. Cal actually found the first egg of Easter and then didn't really care to continue to find more. Once he found some jelly beans, he was good.

Later that morning, we went to a playground for the kids to let loose a little bit. We weren't going to my Aunt Debbie's until about 12:30pm and our egg hunt ended at about 7:20am. Needless to say, we had some time to kill.

We LOVE our new map the Easter Bunny brought!

We made it to Aunt Debbie's for her annual egg hunt. She hid 144 eggs - and separates it into two hunts, one for the bigger kids and one for the little kids. Conor, Cal and Caden were part of the little kid group. Here's most of the gang - Cal was upstairs with Jim when this pic was taken...

GG with some of her great grandkids


Then around 4pm, Jim's parents, brother, sister, and her boyfriend came over for dinner. The kids were such troopers. They were sleeping when they arrived but they rallied and we had another egg hunt in our backyard.

Then we had a turkey dinner at our house! The kids sat with us for a total of 5 minutes - but then they had fun playing. Auntie T and Cal were playing peek a boo!  Jim and I hid 5 "adult eggs" for after the boys went to bed. Tom, Irene, T, Mark, and Joe searched for the eggs and it was fun!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! I can't believe it's snowing today...

All for now!


P.S. For those interested, here is a link from Easter 2017 and Easter 2016 and Easter 2015 and Easter 2014! haha and since 2014 didnt have one belly photo, here's the post right before that ;)


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