I'm BACK!! #shazbythesea

I took a 6 month hiatus from Shazbythesea - but I am back!!

To recap the last few months - we spent a ton of time in the Cape - as much as we can with working and such. We went to the Cape for a week over the Fourth of July and again the first week in August, then some random weekends here and there, as well as Labor Day. Here are some pics from those trips!

My friend Katie came down and the kids love her - especially Conor ;)  They always look for shells together. Conor actually took this pic!

We finished our basement and we are SO excited!! It's great timing with the cooler weather coming up. This gives the kids another space to play. We love it so far. Jim just finished the pool table too!

We also went swimming in a friends pool (heated!) and it was awesome. The kids have been so much more comfortable in the water this summer. It's been unbelievably easier and way more fun!

In true Shazbythesea fashion, we made tons of fun meals this summer and starting now in the fall.  We made a steak dinner for Papa for painting our basement. He painted the whole thing and coordinated a lot which helped us a ton. We made steaks, shrimp cocktail, cucumbers, corn on the cob and PLAIN potato salad - all his fav!

Later in the summer, made a lobster dinner - with corn on the cob, cornbread, and coleslaw.

Shakshuka for days -- I make this at least once a week I feel like! It's the best - big shout out to Chef Neff for this one.

And a HUGE thank you goes to Grammy - she comes over our house 2-3 x a week and brings the boys to school so I can make into work on time. She has been such a trooper bringing all three to school, and then bringing Conor and Caden from school #1 to school #2. What does that mean, you ask?  Keep on reading!

So, Conor and Caden started a new school in the mornings - they still go to the same school in the afternoons for the remainder of the day, until I get out of work. They started at the Shamrock Elementary school (preschool) in Woburn. They are in different classes. This won't be their actual elementary school when they start in September, but it's been AWESOME. I absolutely love their teachers and the curriculum. I am SO happy they have been going there.

Caden and Conor - 2017 on top and 2018 below. Not much difference! Haha.

Silly family moments of the last few weeks -

As well as some apple picking a few weeks ago! We may try to go out again, it was a lot of fun.

And thanks to a few friends and family, we've had some Shaz and Jim time too! Jim signed up for a dinner on the Spirit of Boston a few weeks ago - look, there's the Hyatt where we got married way back there!

Finally went out golfing for the first time since 2013 when I was pregnant with Conor and Caden.

Hahahaha I found this pic from golfing in Woburn with Jim back in 2006.

 A week or two ago, we took the boys out fishing at Horn Pond. Caden caught a fish!!!  I was helping Cal, and Jim was helping Conor - we turned around and caught had caught a fish all by himself! It was hilarious and awesome.

We also had some fun visits from Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Lindsey!! Hoping to see them over Halloween when Jimbo goes to China for work.  Look how cute this pic is with them laughing!

All for now, hoping to get back to posting a blog once a week - we'll see how that goes!



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