My Kid is a Natural...

Lately, Conor and Caden have been SO into pictures - whether it's admiring their baby pictures and asking who is who; or wanting to immediately see pics after I take them to now wanting to take pictures themselves. I gave them an older Canon camera that we used to have in maybe, college....or just after. Remember that? Remember bringing cameras out to a bar or to a concert? 

Well the boys love using it - and some of them are actually pretty good!! Check it out!

I love this silhouette of Cal at Dunkin Donuts in Charlestown.

And this picture of Conor taking a picture of Caden (with the Pats iced coffees) is really cool too.

Then comes my favorite - a little back story. The boys have been watching a show on Netflix called Veggie Tales. It is about a bunch of vegetables that have different personalities. In the show, there is a tomato. So you can hopefully see where I am going with this...

They started a photo shoot with this tiny grape tomato that they named "baby tomato". It is unreal that they did this so well - they even gave the "baby" different backdrops like a newborn baby. They did this without any direction or information from me - this is 100% on their own. I love it. (And yes Anne, that is the blanket you made for Conor and Caden!! And Mackey - your blanket, too!)

After I got sick of tomato photos, I told him to take pics of other people and other things - this is what he came up with, I am going to call it "a day in the life of Caden Francis":

Here, we were Facetiming with Lindsey and Chrissy - and Caden wanted to take a picture of them lol.

Then we quickly moved on to pumpkins and all things fall!

I asked him again if he could take some pictures of people - so Caden took this picture of Daddy.

Then Caden took a quick turn in front of the camera. ;) 

Caden quickly traded back and took a few pics of me and Jim.

They are obsessed with these balls they got at Kendra's first birthday party - thanks, Lis!! (where did you get them!?)

A beautiful candid of me and Cal pal lol.

Oh the lovely tomato made it back in...


And here's a hockey update!!  They are getting so much better! Uncle Joe even made it for a practice. Thanks, Joe!

All for now!


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