October Birthdays Fun and Learn to Skate!!

October means fall fun and lots of birthdays to celebrate - like Jimbo and my Godson Jared!!  We've done lots of celebrating this month so far and it's been fun.  Here are a few pics of those festivities. 

Four generations!

Me and Jared :)

Jim's birthday present - GUESS WHO! Haha.

Caden took this picture of me!

Caden and Conor's school pictures came back! Here are the proof images:

We had a pumpkin carving party a few weeks ago and it was FUN! We had some pulled pork, grilled some steak and burgers, and had a signature cocktail of champagne with apple cider.

We started the Learn to Skate program in Woburn. In just one week, the boys have improved tremendously. I am sooo proud of them!

All for now. I am thinking of a new concept for my next blog post - I am thinking something like a list of my favorites - whether it be favorite places, favorite recipes, favorite restaurants, who knows! Standby while I compile a list. :)



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