Fun Friday Dinners in "Frautumn"...And SNOW?!?!

Katie and I made such a fun fall dinner tonight. We highly recommend you make it some time this weekend! Lots of protein and veggies - so yum.

Here are the ingredients:  acorn or buttercup squash, orange, vegetable broth, hamburg (90% lean), wild rice, almonds, cranberries, feta cheese, garlic, salt/pepper/EVOO/crushed red pepper.

We baked a buttercup squash and then sliced it in half and took out the seeds.

While that was baking, we sauteed some hamburg with onion and boiled some wild rice. After the hamburg was done cooking, we tossed in some cranberries and sliced almonds. We added a bit of garlic, garlic salt, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper.

When all of it was done, we filled each squash half with the rice/hamburg mixture.

Then we topped it with feta cheese!

We had quite the surprise snow fall last night, huh?? Woburn had a two hour delay this morning, which meant no morning preschool. Instead, we helped Jimbo plow the driveway and the boys played in the snow. Conor and Caden absolutely loved it. Cal enjoyed it for a little bit and quickly got over it.

Also, I know I didn't know him well personally, but I just wanted to give a shoutout to my sister in laws Grampa, aka "Bump".  I went to his wake on Wednesday night and brought these beautiful flowers home to enjoy. I heard it was a wonderful service and the grandchildren did a fabulous job. I have Linds, Kel, Matt, and their family in my thoughts. Love you guys!


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