Halloween Fun without Jimbo :(

Even though I already wrote about the Woburn Halloween Parade, I wanted to recap our Halloween and trick or treating for a bit - and also do another one of those posts of what I'm up to these days. Way back in 2013, I wrote this post about what shows I was watching, the music I was listening to, things I was eating, etc.  I cannot believe that was FIVE whole years ago, almost to the day. That is unreal to me. It also makes me SO happy that I have my blog to look back on, the things I did and how I felt at the time. It's pretty much my online journal that I share with the world. It may also be really cool for the boys to see when they are older. I hope they aren't embarrassed or mad, and I wonder what the internet will be like when they are my age...

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a list of sorts again Plus, Chrissy suggested it haha, so maybe I'll do that for my next post. But first....Halloween:

We again went to my parents neighborhood and saw some old friends and neighbors. It was fun. Caden wasn't feeling well, so my Dad brought him back to my parents house and he went to bed early. Conor and Cal had a blast. Chrissy took tons of videos - maybe I'll post one if I can. Here is Auntie Lindsey rocking Auntie duties at my parents house! Trick or Treat!!

PJ Masks was a popular costume this year I guess lol.

We had some sicknesses this past week - of course, while Jim was in China. Caden had a pretty bad case of hives - they were ALL over his body. He mostly had them on his face/chin/ears, and then his lower back. He was so itchy. I felt terrible for him. And this all happened before Halloween - so before all the candy and nuts, etc.  I tried to give him some extra snuggles and attention.

Do you guys remember when I wrote about the toxic synovitis he had?? I feel like I talk about it all the time, but it's worth mentioning here. I personally think Caden is very affected by viruses. So I think he had a decent cold, which then resulted in hives coming out as he was getting over that cold. And #twinprobs, Conor then had the exact same hive about 48 hours later (ok, maybe not as bad). 



We ended up going to the doctor's office to see Cal (haha another Cal!) and she did an allergy test just to be safe. And of course, hydrocortisone and benadryl for days. Can anyone see some familiar faces in the picture (in the picture) below? :)

What do you do when your kids are sick, you're stuck inside and your husband is away in China/Los Angeles for over a week?  You go to the Halloween store and buy everything on sale, DUH!! So we celebrated "Halloween Part II" in the Phelan residence. And I must say, it was quite fun!! Ha.

Also - bragging moment: I crushed Learn to Skate yesterday.  I was so nervous to put on all their gear by myself, but I think I did OK. Only one coach had to re-do Caden's skates while on the ice (lol). No biggie.  My Dad also graciously stayed at my house with Cal Pal so that was a HUGE help. Thanks, Dad!!!!

Another few "what do you do when Dads away" moments:

1. Dollar store slinkies!!! Wooo!

2. Wii Fit! They absolutely loved this last night. I did too! It was honestly a ton of fun.

Well again, I hope everyone enjoyed your Halloween. We sure did - and our Part II, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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