Woburn Halloween Parade 2018!

Another successful Woburn Halloween Parade and Halloween in general in the books!  For those who don't remember reading about a Halloween parade, here's the 2016 recap.  Woburn's Halloween parade has been going for 64 years - hosted by the Woburn Lions.

My cousin Doug lives near the parade on Main St, so we all met up at his house first.  Chrissy, Linds, me and the three boys were the characters from PJ Masks - Linds was Luna girl, Chrissy was the night ninja, and I was Romeo. Conor was Catboy, Caden was Gekko, and Cal was Owlette.

This is what we were going for...

We met Mickey Mouse!

And Olaf!!!  Thanks for the pics Jodie!

Before we left for the parade, we made an apple pie:

And we also prepped some veggies and threw a turkey in the oven. I love making the turkey dinner prior to leaving for the parade. That way, when we come home, we have a nice hot meal after freezing at the parade for hours! Haha honestly it wasn't even that cold. Some "Nor'Easter" we had that weekend, huh??

In true Caden and Conor fashion, they opted for some cereal instead of turkey dinner....

I'm going to write a follow up post on our trick or treating adventures on Halloween! Hope everyone had a great time!

All for now...


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