Chicken Piccata Dinner in Florida!

Greetings from COCOA BEACH!! We landed in FL on Saturday and we are enjoying our vacation very much.

We have a three bedroom, two bedroom place a block from the beach - with a view of the ocean. We can hear the waves and enjoy the view from the deck out front. It is VERY relaxing. There's also a heated pool that the boys have been obsessed with - we are having fun!

I can't believe how well the boys are doing here. They feel right at home - especially having lots of space, several bedrooms, and a big open kitchen similar to our house.

On Sunday night, I made chicken piccata. It is a combo of lemon chicken with capers and pasta. It was delicious! I prepped the chicken, tenderized it and sliced it up a bit to make smaller pieces.

I then dredged the chicken in egg wash and flour, salt and pepper. I sizzled each side in EVOO and flipped after 8-10 minutes. Then another 8 minutes on the other side.

I added a ton of lemon zest and lemon juice. I also added a good amount of champagne to the pan (I didn't have any white wine) and reduced it a bit. Lastly, I added some capers.

I parboiled some pasta (rigatoni) and when it was almost done, I then tossed it in the sauce in the pan.  Prior to that, I took the chicken out so it wouldn't get soggy.  I let the pasta sit in the sauce for about 10 min prior to serving.

We just got back from a day at Disneyworld yesterday. I will hopefully write about that while we are down here. It was AMAZING!!!  Here is a tiny preview - more to come!

All for now! Enjoy your day!!


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