President's Day Weekend in Cape Cod!

How was everyone’s President’s Day weekend?! We went to Cape Cod on Friday – and headed straight to our “Little House”. The boys love it there, and they love visiting Jim’s parents. We arrived about noon time and they immediately started playing with their toys and on their bunk beds in their room. We brought their amazon fires aka “ipads” and just relaxed. We also played outside and made a few stops at Craigville Beach. Such a great weekend!

We waited for Jim to arrive about 6PM. He took the Plymouth Brockton bus from Boston. I packed the boys scooters and they went up and down the walkway near the ferries and boats while we waited for Jimbo.

I will say, this was by far one of our best weekends in Cape Cod. The boys were SO well behaved. They slept great and got along great. No one was sick and it really went smoothly. Maybe it’s because they are all sleeping in the same room at our house, so when they get down the Cape they aren’t going to be as silly and fun at bedtime? I don’t know. I’m not going to psychoanalyze it, but I am thrilled.

Here are a couple fun shots of us playing around our house and at Jim’s parents house.

Gi Gi and Cal having some pretend ice cream.

Here are a few pics outside. These were really cute! It was kind of mild down the Cape prior to the snow, so it was nice to get outside and play. They have their own bikes down there too, so they were having a blast.

 We took the boys swimming at the YMCA in Barnstable. It was PACKED.

And here’s a few from when we stopped at the beach. They loved it. They pretty much wanted to go swimming in the ocean – which is why we brought them to the Y to go swimming.

2016 post: Check out this Presidents Day Weekend post from 2016. Chrissy and I took the boys to Jump on In in Woburn - but I was too pregnant to do anything. And it's crazy to see the boys bedroom like that since it's changed so much!  Then and NOW. 

All for now! Enjoy the short week!



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