Fourth of July 2019 - 12 Annual Cape Cod Festivities

Another Fourth of July is in the books!! I think this year was our 12th annual Fourth of July celebration with this crew. What a blast. However it again went by too quickly. If you are interested in seeing past years, here is my 2016 Fourth of July post.

We switched things up a bit and rented a house this year with my friends Katie and Julie (and Julie's family). Julie has two little boys the same ages as my guys - so we thought it would be super fun to get the 5 boys under the age of 5 together under the same roof! Haha. It honestly was awesome. All the kids did great. The house was on Ocean Street in Hyannis, so it was near the boats, some restaurants, and a few beaches. It was nice being in a rental and not our own house - so we didn't have to worry about lawn maintenance, and other things around our house. It definitely felt more like a vacation. Here are a few favs from the week!

Our backyard had this cool bar. It had chairs to sit at the bar, a TV with music, a fridge, and tons of beach stuff. Here is a view of us sitting at it at night...Jimbo was our bartender!

And here's a pic from the day.  Julie and I managed to get ONE workout in lol.

Age order! Conor, Caden, Brayden, Cal and Tyler. :)

We took a walk down to see the boats!

Beach days - all day, everyday! 

We celebrated Cal Pal's 3rd birthday with family! He felt so special. He loved it. Thanks to Nanny, Gramps, Uncle Joe, Aunt Trish, Uncle Paul, Gi Gi, Aunt Jean, and others who celebrated with us throughout the week!

My mom and Dad came down for a day and the kids were so surprised and so happy!

Auntie T and Uncle Joe came down and went to the beach and the dump with us! Haha what a fun day. Thanks to Uncle Joe for setting the tent up for us!

We obviously had to have an ice cream cake for Cal another day because it was so hot down there! Haha bday celebration #2. Should we have a third cake since he turned 3?!

Later on that next week, we visited one of my favorite hidden gems in Marston Mills. It's a little pond where you can go stand up paddle boarding, ride in the canoe, and swim. It's so calm and a nice change from the beach. Caden found a toad!

They were practicing their yoga.  Look how much they've advance since yoga moves in Cape Cod from 2016 (see below pic).

We had breakfast at Gi Gi's one morning down the Cape. She made us homemade waffles and the adults enjoyed some mimosas!

We even had our first sleepover at Nanny and Gramps...all 3 of us!  There have been a few nights where one grandson has slept over, but this was the first time that all three boys got to sleep over their house together. They loved it and did great.

I'm sure I forgot A TON...but it was so nice seeing everyone. I had a great time, and so did the boys!

All for now!


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