Showering Baby Callahan!!

We showered Baby Callahan a few weeks ago and everyone was SO excited and thrilled for the Moms to be. Lindsey looked amazing and we had such a great time.


We had a "Shake Things Up" theme and Lindsey's sister Kelly made the most outstanding Margarita Bar.


We did a little bit of prep for the shower - mainly installed a keg/tap for people to be able to enjoy some Lagunitas IPA.  "We" (but really Jimbo) started by opening a hole in the side of an old refrigerator where we could put the tubes through.

I'm pretty sure I was just feeling the cold air coming out at this point - but it looks like I am very helpful! Haha.

Jim's sister Theresa gave Jim this tap for either his birthday or Christmas and it looks awesome!

This was me casually trying to buy a keg with three little boys...and shopping for party supplies.

Jim pretty much effortlessly set up the whole keg and the whole thing was well over my head. All I remember was constantly checking the temperature to make sure it was getting cooler and cooler. He insulated it and everything. He did an awesome job. He also set up the tent and pretty much crushed party prep.

I focused on easy things like the centerpieces, flowers, and favors. The boys and I went to Dane Street Beach in Beverly a few weeks prior and found these huge shells. So we painted the shells and the corona bottle vases the same color to make the centerpieces. We then added hydrangeas to the corona bottles.

Cal and Katie helped paint!

I seriously have THE best friends ever. They helped tremendously with the favors. Julie and Katie each put them in the bags, tied them with ribbon, and curled the ribbon to make it look festive and cute. I basically watched the kids and did nothing to help them....

Ta da!

I set up a practice table the night before on my deck. I really liked the simplicity and the way everything turned out.

We set up a tent outside thinking the majority of the party would be outside. Then we found out Massachusetts was having a heat weather emergency and it was like to be like 100 degrees. Fortunately Saturday was a tiny bit hotter than Sunday, so some people were able to be outside during the party. It went better than expected! The tent definitely helped.


Mama To Be! :):):)

Jan and Traci!

PC pic!

Sam and Jimbo!

Kayla (Chrissy's God daughter) and Chrissy!


Great Great Aunt Frances!

Ciara and Wallis - all the way from Brooklyn!

Fun kid pool with all the cousins and friends :)


Here is my personal favorite memory from the weekend. As we all know, Lindsey and Chrissy are world travelers. They have been to SO many states and different countries. They love to travel. Each time they travel, they make it a point to find t-shirts, bibs, or some sort of keepsake for my boys. It is unbelievably thoughtful and sweet. I had the idea of making a quilt with all of the t-shirts that no longer fit the boys for their baby. I know, I should've kept the actual clothes for the baby to wear, but I still have a few left. 

I mailed the shirts to my talented Aunt Joan and she put everything together to make this amazing quilt. She also made a matching baby pillow (of course for when the baby is a little older) made out of a bib from Paris. Isn't this INCREDIBLE?!?! I absolutely adore it. They will have it forever - the memories from the trips, the photos of my kids in the shirts, and of course the blanket!

Congratulations guys. I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to this family! And I can't wait to be an Auntie!!!!  


PS Flashback photo of Auntie Lindsey and Cal in 2016!


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