Apple Picking and LIFE


We went to Honey Pot in Stowe this past weekend with Jim's sister, Mark, and the boys. It was such a great spot. They had apple picking, hay rides, hard cider, petting zoo and so much more. And the best part was that it was like 2 minutes from Auntie T's house!

After apple picking, we went on a fun little hike through the neighborhood and wooded areas - it was so fun. The kids loved it.

I made an apple pie at Theresa's house - yet when I got home, it fell out of my car and smashed on my driveway. My plate plate broke and the pie was ruined.  The next day, my mom made me a new pie with a smiley face. Nicest thing ever.

Then we went to the eye doctor - Spiderman, Batman and Mom....we got a great report.

Chrissy, Lindsey, and Charlie came to visit!  Linds and I walked to the boys elementary school to scoop them up, and we all ran home. Great workout, great fun.

So many Hancock cousins came by to see baby Charlie!!

Cal is learning to drive. ;)

We did the awesome "Boston view from Woburn" horn pond hike this past weekend. It was awesome. Hoping to do it again this weekend, so if anyone wants to join, let me know. Check out this view!

Also, one of my favorite wines - great choice for the holidays coming up!  Good price at Costco. :)

Happy early Halloween everyone! Will recap after trick or treating tomorrow!



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