Oh What a Night!!

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to Encore last night to celebrate Jim turning 35.  What a freakin FUN NIGHT!!!  I have been telling everyone that it completely flew by.  Other than dinner at Mystique, we didn't have any set plans.  We had a harbor view room, so we could hang up there if we wanted - but the first time I checked the time it was 2AM.  Isn't that just crazy?!  It went by in a blink of an eye.

Missing from the group photo is Cakes, Christie, and Chris...thanks for celebrating everyone!

Bunch of Phelans

Here's a little recap: We kicked off the night at my house with drinks/apps and our friend Lisa did an AMAZING job with our hair and make-up.  I mean, check us out! ;)

We checked into our hotel room at Encore - which was beautiful.  It was nice to have a place to hang and put our stuff. We popped some champagne and cheered Jimbo - even though I am pretty sure he was on the craps table downstairs. When he finally arrived, we all left and walked around the casino for a bit.

Keryn and Shaz

Shaz and Shay

We had 10:30 dinner reservations at Mystique which was awesome. We all split some apps, lo mein, fried rice, and sushi rolls.  It was honestly perfect.  Oh, and this massive scorpion bowl type of drink as well.

Julie and Katie

Marcus and Julie

Katie, mike, Andrew, Shawn, and Sean

Julie and Katie

Jimbo, Mike, Andrew, Christie, and Shawn rocked video poker at 2AM. 

At this point I pretty much called it a night because I knew I would have to be a responsible adult with three little boys today.  Soooo, there's that. It was SUCH an awesome night. Huge shout out to this guy, Ryan who helped put it all together.

And here's a few pics of our room from this morning before we left:

Happy Birthday Jim! Love you!



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