We hosted our first Friendsgiving with some of our best friends Julie and Katie and their families and it was a huge success.  We opted for prime rib and a bunch of decadent sides like broccoli casserole, creamed spinach, carrots, mashed potatoes, and even some meatballs with sauce. It was DELICIOUS.

Here's a quick recap of the night.

We started off opening utensils box from our WEDDING.  I dont think we have ever used these waterford utensils, but figured why not - right? What are we saving them for...

Here we go! This is what it looked like when I took it out of the packaging this AM.  Salt first, and let it sit in the fridge, and then add more seasoning just prior to cooking.

I salted the prime rib early, early this morning and then made a "marinade" around noon today.  I blended a white onion, fresh rosemary and a few pieces of garlic with EVOO in the nutribullet.  Then I spread it on the meat, bone side down.

I placed the meat in the oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes and then turned the heat down to 350 for the rest of the time, which was about 15-20 min per pound (there was about 15 pounds of meat). Needless to say, it was over 3 hours of roasting.

Meanwhile, Jimbo measured it to see if it would fit in my roasting did.

The boys helped make pancakes this morning. They were adorable. We made blueberry for Dad and chocolate chip for them....lucky boys.

AND they helped peel the potatoes!!

Sharing smoothies since 2015......

Then I told Jim that I randomly wanted to paint this we did. We also just ordered a new Sonos soundbar which is amazing, so Jim mounted that so we could hear the game, he also projected it on all our speakers throughout the house. It was pretty sweet (especially while cooking in the kitchen).

Wall is COMPLETE.  Love it!

Tonight, the menu consisted of prime rib, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, creamed spinach, carrots, meatballs + GF meatballs, and a TON of red wine. We had a red wine tasting/pairing which was super fun.  No one guessed any of them correctly lol. We also had chicken wings, and a bunch of dips/apps prior to dinner. It was such a fun day.

Caden and Cal were so close today!

Meanwhile Conor helped Mom cook and bake!

We made boozey banana trifles - with banana cream pudding, whipped cream, bananas, vanilla wafers soaked in baileys, and more vanilla wafers sprinkled on top. We were too full to have any, so we settled for some port wine and relaxation.  What a day!

The meat was perfect, the first attempt out of the oven.

My girls. :)

Cal loves Dad.

THANK YOU to everyone for an amazing FRIENDSGIVING!! I loved the company, the spread, the fun wine tasting/pairing, the Pats game, etc.  It was a blast.  Til next time...



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