Gaining the Quarantine Fifteen's the cooking, eating, and drinking going?  I feel like I went on a cooking spree this first week and I can really feel it. I haven't been outside much, but trying to do indoor workouts to at least move my body. Last night, I made some peanut butter cookies and filled a few of them with nutella. OMG, whyyyy did I do that? They are so good.

As far as meals are concerned, I have been putting together various dishes with ingredients I have in my house. I made balsamic glazed chicken with cauliflower rice and rice pilaf tossed together. I also added marinated artichokes and some cayenne pepper for a kick.. Shayla - this dish especially made me think of that message you sent me on instagram haha. It was random, but tasty. I have to be honest, I overcooked the chicken and it was dry.

These were yummy! I made them first. We had leftover spiral ham from Theresa's baby shower. So I made these (sort-of) cobb salads. I added cheddar cheese, egg, hummus, corn, and lettuce and mixed it together.

I made a staple chili - and froze most of it. I had a little bit with some fat free yogurt and avocado. I also had some one morning with a fried egg.

This dish was probably my favorite - mainly because I am obsessed with pasta.  I boiled some shrimp - and made a little pasta. I then tossed those two ingredients together with some lemon infused olive oil and mixed it ALL together with an entire bag of arugula. I squeezed more lemon on top, with salt and pepper. So refreshing, filling, satisfying, and delicious.

I bought two bags of arugula (2/$5), and figured they wouldn't last very long. SO I made a spaghetti/sausage/onion dish and put that on top of arugula the following night. I make a TON of pasta, like too much pasta, so I try to at least incorporate a lot of fresh veggies.

I also made some boneless/skinless chicken things with some Brussels sprouts and lemon hummus. It is a really good combo!

Last night (Tuesday night) we did the make your own pizzas from Josie's Bakery I talked about in one of my earlier posts.  I will say, I have made a LOT of homemade pizzas with the kids since they were toddlers and this was the first time they actually enjoyed eating them! I am not sure if it were the ingredients and flavor, or if it was due to them being starving, but it was nice to see. :)

This is my mom/grandmother's rolling pin. Love it.

Cal was eating the pizza sauce like soup! hahaha

THREE perfect cheese pizzas with a side of rice - and I made Jimbo a sausage/artichoke pizza with cheese and crushed red pepper.

What's on the menu tonight?!  I may make some salmon with a dish of this cucumber/avocado/tomato/red onion mixture. It is really good!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!



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