Keeping the Week Going...

Day Four - Life at Home - 3/23/2020

Here we go again!

Grammy came over to read a story. Caden was literally reading the book "Rick is Sick" - great for beginner readers.

I did two workouts - the first was at 9AM via zoom. It was called a banana core workout which engages your core and upper leg muscles. I also tried the 21 day fix for the first time. I am feeling really good today (after a wicked gross day yesterday). Hoping to keep it up. Caden and Cal were the best workout buds! Conor will likely be more interested when he feels better.

We practiced our letters and lots of rhyming words! I had them use the white board which they seemed to like more than their notebooks.

Mom needed a break....

We picked up our new Chrome book (with lessons/videos offered through Woburn Public Schools) and played at the Joyce. We ran around, played tag, wrote our name with sticks, and walked through the woods.

Photo session! :)

 Then we stopped by McCues garden center to start some planting projects with the boys this week.

Taken JUST before the snow storm started hahahaha happy Spring!

Conor had a chance to face call with his friend from school. He has been talking about him nonstop and he was SOOOO happy to see him!

Conor and I are suffering from some severe poison ivy/poison sumac so he hasn't been in the best mood, understandably. The poor kid is on like three different ointments and an oral prednisone. And both his and mine are spreading like crazy. I think I am the itchiest I have ever been.

This is my arm, and below is my hamstring. It is all over my neck and arms and shoulders too. It's everywhere.

And poor Conor

Day Five - Life at Home - 3/24/2020

We are doing a decent job keeping up with our "classroom jobs".  Cal often fills my k cup drawer, and even gets to press the button to make it! Conor and Caden AND Cal are doing great with switching off being the weather man. We also started making our beds!

Today we did something different! We all stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance, drew our own flags, and then completed different USA puzzles.  We then spent some time outside, we did a little gardening, and we are planning to do a water bead activity later!

Here is Conor making is flag:

This is Cal's flag! And he moved on to the USA puzzle. He did INCREDIBLE.

Here is Caden's very neat flag. :)

Then we tried to do a little gross motor room - it wasn't the most successful, so we moved the recess OUTSIDE!

Grammie came over for a agriculture/horticulture project. We went to McCues yesterday and bought different seeds, so today we planted them!

Ready for SPRING!

 Cal is doing better at tracing his letters! He is really liking the white board.

He even listened to a special video from ALL three of his teachers, Ms Jill, Ms Meghan, and Ms Jackie! Thanks guys!!! He LOVED it! He kept asking for more. :)

Many of you have asked how I manage to blog each day while having three crazy boys at home - well this is what it looks like, and yup - I am totally wearing a batgirl costume!



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