Life in the Midst of Uncertainty

Life in isolation - how different does it feel?  All schools/businesses/churches/employment have changed drastically. It is all happening so quickly, with utter uncertainty.  As I mentioned to a few of the boys teachers, I applaud educators, business owners, health care workers, first responders - really EVERYONE, for coming together and adapting to all this craziness so quickly and so well.  In a weird/sad way, it reminds me how we all came together post-9/11. It reminds me how we are all just trying to survive and trying to make things work. Again, thank you to my children's' teachers for being so open, communicative, support and helpful - and for those who are risking their lives to help others when they want to be home safe in their homes with their own families. Be kind to one another and offer support where/when you can.

I personally am thankful I live near my family - even though we cannot spend time with eveyrone we want to (over 65 years old and especially with my mom being a Type 1 diabetic) it is still comforting knowing my parents and Jim's parents/siblings are nearby. Chrissy and Lindsey are safe and working from home - so that makes me feel good too. A really HUGE thanks to my mom and Jims mom for helping with the boys this week so he and I could both work. My mom has also brought us countless groceries and toilet paper, yup - we are those people. I really appreciate you, Mom!! Thank you!

Here is our new normal:

I've been working all week, but it looks like our schedules are shifting soon. I am home today, and here are some photos of some activities we have been doing this week. Also, as you will see below, there are some helpful hints for preschoolers/kindergarten age children, sent in from one of Cal's preschool teachers at the Shamrock Elementary School. They have also sent home links to books, yoga, exercises, and learning activities for the boys to do while they are home.

The boys have been loving dress up and enjoying the structure/learning time at home. I am trying to keep things consistent like snack time/"recess"/lunch time - like they would do at school. Caden often reminds me that there is INDOOR recess and outdoor recess, just in case he wants a break from his math books haha.  I am really trying to keep their mornings packed with learning and then space it out into the afternoon, and then let them to do things like tablets/TV (reasonable amount of time). We have also been doing board games and card games in the afternoons.

In the late mornings, we transition into some sort of gross motor skill, today we did yoga and then played dress up and ran around the house to crazy fun music.

By this time, the boys just want to GET OUTSIDE!  Try to get out of the house, but still distance yourselves from others, but get outside. It is always good to get some fresh air. I hear it's supposed to warm up today - I sure hope it does!!

After they came in, we had another snack time and then some board games for free choice:

In true SBTS (shazbythesea) fashion, I wanted to include some sort of food/recipe idea. We had a little bday celebration brunch at work the other day for my friend Lauren's birthday - we had this egg souffle dish, fresh fruit and a walnut coffee cake from Romas Bakery in Woburn. Support the local businesses - they need our help now more than ever.

*Note that egg souffle recipe link is from my blog from 2013!  Look how much has changed - wild.

And then Lauren, Hailey and I had a badass workout. 

Grateful I have a wonderful partner through all this - couldn't do it without you, Jimbo! 

  • Ask the kids to help around the house. Give both simple and complex directions - both 1 and 2 step. Fun chores include matching socks, sorting silverware, matching cups and plates by color etc.
  • Practice writing their names. Go on a letter hunt. Hide typed words around the house.
  • Work on coloring. While not exactly a skill I tend to focus on but as they age, staying in the lines is more of an expectation.
  • Read lots of books. Ask them to read to you. Ask them questions about what’s on the page and ask wh-comprehension (who, where, what etc.) questions.
  • Point out the sequence of the story. First - next - last
  • Count. Count things. Countdown before you leave the house. Count steps when you walk. Guess how many steps it would be to get from one place to another.
  • Have fun together as much as you can! 
Here are a few of my own suggestions and a few from my friend Julie - who is also a Mom to two young boys and teacher
  • Yoga - we found a few kid yoga sessions on YouTube
  • My friend Julie recommended hiding various coins around the house and designate a different coin for each child. Once they find them, have the children count/add them for a math session
  • Of course the usual play dough, magnatiles, kinetic sand
  • DRESS UP! The boys have been loving their old halloween costumes. Have them re-wear them now that they still fit.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe!!



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