Thankful for this WEATHER!

Thursday 3/26

Absolutely loving this weather. It is SO great to be outdoors. 

I have now been on prednisone pills for about 4 days and I am feeling great - no itching really at all. There are some serious side effects though, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. I am now immune compromised and really cannot come into contact with anyone except my immediate family. 

My mom has come over a few times, but has taken her jacket/shoes off, washed her hands repeatedly, and kept her distance. I need to be REALLY careful.  She has brought both me and Conor our meds, as well as milk and other necessities. She has been really helpful. 

My doctors at MGH and Dana Farber have been insistent to stay away from anything that could compromise my immune system. That said, I am happy to have some itch relief. I do have some strange side effects like awful sleeping (I am literally up all night), little dizziness, swelling and weight gain. Sucks - but hoping I can lose the 5 lbs I just gained literally overnight. Sucks bur I am still trying to eat well and get in a daily workout or two.

  Cal had his first Zoom class with his preschool and Ms Jill. It was sooo cute.

I ordered some Kindergarten workbooks at Staples - these are great because each time they complete a page, we put a star sticker on the page number chart on the last page. They love it - it really motivates them.

Picnic in the back of Dad's truck!

We have been playing SO much hangman. It is hilarious. The boys love it. It is great because they are working on their sight words, spelling, and letters! Win win

Dinner! Hot dogs & turkey burgers, cheese, corn, broccoli, tomato, and cucumbers.

Turkey burgers and most of the same veggies for Mom and Dad, including avocado.

Friday 3/27

Jim and I reorganized the house and set up different working stations for the kids - their chromebooks installed with typing programs, kinetic sand, magnatiles, workbooks, playdough, coloring, etc.

Periodic table - literally their favorite thing

Homework/Lego stations!

Here is our daily board with activites.

I woke up this morning and had the idea to make rainbow pancakes! I made red for Cal, green for Caden, blue for Conor. They each had their own little spoons/bowls with food coloring. I mixed them and then poured them into the different pans.


Then, thanks to Abby for the Spiderman workout video! They of course had to put on their costumes to do the workout. They were amazed.


What was on the menu tonight?  Salmon tacos, with salad - avocado, tomato, cucumber and red onion with lots of fresh lemon/lime.  YUM.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay home.


PS I can't believe the marathon would be right around the corner....


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