Week 1 of Home School

How is everyone holding up?  I am a little behind on my posts, but here is our weekend recap. Saturday and Sunday were both fun - we spent the mornings doing school exercises and then a lot of time outside even though it was pretty cold.

Continuing on from my previous post on Friday about teaching the boys at home - here is what we have been doing the last few days. Conor is REALLY into it. He loves telling me what Mrs. Hecht does in school, how she tells the class to be quiet, how they raise their hands, and how she teaches the class. Caden is much more quiet. He doesn't really explain things to me about his class, but he will answer if I ask. He works well off positive reinforcement. Cal is just crazy haha. He is LOUD which bothers Conor and Caden a little bit, but once he gets into something like painting, magnet tiles, play dough, or something then he is a little more calm. He talks a LOT, just like me. Like I have written in my "About Shaz" section (I think?) my Grampa Callahan used to call me blabber....well, that is Cal. He is so much like me.

Anyway, before I go to bed, I set up the boys "school" for the following day. I am using some of their old pre-K and kindergarten books to work on their letters and drawing. I also ordered a few more. Staples is currently offering free delivery with online orders, no minimum. I used that opportunity to grab some "staples" ha like paint, paper, learning workbooks etc. I am trying to stick to their typical routine with exercises in the morning, indoor AM recess, then snack in their lunchboxes and so on...

We are reading lots of books, practicing our letters, keeping a "journal" (drawing a pic and adding one sentence from our favorite thing from the day before). We are also trying outdoor and indoor recess, doing yoga and different online exercises.

Day Two - Life at Home - 3/21/2020

Jim put together the boys mobiles from Santa. Caden has batman, Conor has superman and Cal has a different version that is Mickey or something, but really it's just a black car with handles (no steering wheel like his brothers so he doesn't love it). Anyway, we brought them to my parents neighborhood because their street and the entire neighborhood is flat so they whip around. They had a ball. 

We then played in the treehouse and I attempted to throw a gigantic ball up to them. Grammie tried too - it was a massive fail LOL. When she first tried to throw it, it nailed her birdhouse and it broke. It was hilarious.

I made a really yummy simple pasta dinner Saturday night and we all sat around the table together. Usually the boys eat first at the island and Jim and I eat after they go to bed. This was a nice change. I made pasta for everyone, but placed ours on arugula. 

Day Three - Life at Home - Sunday 3/22/2020

For some outdoor time, we walked horn pond. We ventured up to the top and saw Boston. Its the best view. Here is Caden trying to spread some cheer. So many people complimented his little happy face. People were friendly and happy and it was nice. A part of me really likes this weird new life. I know not everyone is in the same positive position as me - I realize that. I stating that I love the simplicity and the time with my family. That is all.

Katie P came and joined on the hike - we made sure to stay 6 feet away!

How cute is this? We had a picnic!

Shout out to Josie's Bakery in Wilmington. They, as well as a few other restaurants and bakeries, came up with a cute take-home idea. They packaged up make your own pizzas and kids can decorate cupcakes. We just did the cupcakes, so stay tuned for the make your own pizzas. Maybe tomorrow!

LOTS of board games, we are loving Candyland.

I have known Conor and Caden for almost 6 years and I JUST discovered that they sit opposite with their criss-cross legs. They have the opposite leg on top. It just goes to show I really think they are mirror twins. Back in early 2016, I wrote this post about them being mirror twins. It is wild.

Here are a few shots of the kiddos enjoying their cupcakes.



All for now! I will post more about day four in my next post. :)

Stay home. Stay healthy!



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