Egg Craft Project Idea!!

I found this super cute craft idea you can do with kids today or this weekend in preparation for Easter. I cannot believe that Easter is in two days - I am definitely not prepared. But anyway, I found a cute craft online and tried it with the boys! It was easy and different.

DIY: Salt Dough Easter Eggs Supply List

– batch of salt dough (see below)
– rolling pin
– egg shape cutter
– spatula
– straw, for making holes
– parchment-paper or foil to cover baking sheets
– spray or acrylic paint
– paint /paint pens, optional
– twine, ribbon

Mix up your favorite salt dough recipe. Example:
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup water

Stir together until a dough forms. Kneading the dough a couple times can help make it smoother.

Roll it out (I rolled mine to 1/4 inch thick) and used the "galaxy slime eggs" I wrote about in a previous post as a cookie-cutter design shape and size. After I made the eggs, I placed them on the cookie sheet and used a straw to make little holes for the string.

Hard to see the holes - but they are there.

I baked these and let them sit for about 2-3 days until they were interested in decorating them.  I then did two separate decorating times, for two different layers.  We painted them a solid color first and then later on, when they were dry we decided to add a decoration. Then we added our string. It was really easy and fun! 

That''s all! Conor is off to do some light reading.......

Happy Good Friday everyone - enjoy your Easter weekend!


Flashback to Easter 2016 - when I had two almost-2-year olds and I was pregnant with Cal! FUN!!


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