Keeping up with Conor Caden and Cal

Life has been busy! Trying to keep the boys busy while managing both the house and my job, as well as Jim's job hasn't been easy but it's been fun and memorable. I have really enjoyed seeing the things the boys know - and doing different things with their teachers and classes. Here are a few highlights of our days over the last week or so.

Our plants are really growing!

Caden and Conor often still end up in the same bed at night.

We made "slush" the other night - yup, slush....for the kids. And frozen margaritas for Mom and Dad! Hehe

We went on an awesome family walk the other night when it was real warm out. We went back to the Rag Rock area - and the kids were great.

We've been checking our plants and watering them daily. We have sunflowers, arugula, basil, rosemary, chives and lavender all planted and ready to go! Looking forward to spring.

Dad set up his "computer lab". The boys have been doing abcmouse and a few other educational games. They really like it - especially Cal, I am surprised!

We headed out to the grocery store the other day. It was literally my first errand in weeks because of my prednisone. I was nervous to go, but the kids surprisingly enjoyed it.

We found a TURTLE!!!  He was sooo adorable. We brought him inside to learn more about him, but after I read that was illegal to possess or keep a turtle, we immediately released him back outside.

Have a great weekend!



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