DIY Projects - Vow Renewal in CAPE COD

Happy SUMMER VACATION!!  We finally finished remote learning and I couldn't be happier. It was getting to be quite challenging having all three boys join their calls (which were often around the same time) while working remote. Now we are enjoying some more time outside in a less structured manner. I am not constantly looking at the clock wondering who has a call next.

With that said, Jim and I are now in full planning mode for our 10 year anniversary/vow renewal this summer on 7/10/2020.  We are having a little get together with family and friends in the Cape since we will head down there for the Fourth of July. My talented friend Jill is taking photos and she is also offering mini sessions for families since we will all be dressed up and on the beach - why not?!

I have been working on some DIY projects to decorate.  I am NOT a creative or artistic person, so this has been challenging for me - but also a bit fun!  We started first with crafting our own Father's Day gifts for Jimbo. The boys had fun with this, and we also spent the day at the beach and I made a seafood spread for dinner. It was really a nice and relaxing day, after a rather busy weekend for Jim. He has been doing tons of projects down the Cape to get the house ready for the party. He has installed a few outdoor lights, outdoor speaker, installed a fence, added actual real grass in our front yard, expanded our backyard, cut down trees, etc. So he deserved these amazing Fathers Day gifts. ;)

We then had the coolest lemonade stand - the boys loved it. Thanks to family and friends that stopped by! I was really moved by the amount of people who stopped and bought lemonade, especially during COVID.

When I was finally inspired with some creativity, I set up to decorate these wooden things. I figured I could use them as "centerpieces" on the tables in the yard. My vision is basically a candle and some hydrangeas on the top half of these, and then some seashells scattered below our last name.

Auntie T and Conor were the biggest helpers.  We decided to paint the wooden circles with a gray stain and then stencil "PHELAN" on top of that, sort of 2/3 of the way down leaving space for the candle and flowers on Fri 7/10.

I started a juice cleanse today so I can fit into my dress next week...wish me luck!  I am planning to write a followup post on the juice cleanse, so standby for info on that! I am currently drinking the yellow drink next to the burgundy one. It is SPICY but yummy!

Stay well everyone and enjoy the rest of the week. 



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