Juice Cleanse Update

I finished the juice cleanse a few weeks ago but was pretty busy gearing up for our vow renewal ceremony last Friday. So I am just now updating you all on my progress and “results”.  

To back up a bit, I started a diet on June 6th in preparation for the ceremony. I really started eating less crap and drinking less and lost 6 lbs. Then I lost another 7 lbs after the juice cleanse. So in short, I was down 13 lbs!!!  I mean, I pretty much gained that over quarantine with eating/drinking/prednisone for months and months. 

Anyway; I’m super pumped and would totally do another cleanse. I was talking with Chrissy and we both agree that incorporating 1-2 juices each day with a regular meal including veggies and protein would be the ideal lifestyle. I would LOVE to include more vegetables into my diet and this would be the perfect way to do it. So I just ordered another juice cleanse box and a butcher box order of meats. I’m really thinking this will be a nice healthier lifestyle change for me. I’ll keep you all posted!

May 2020 and July 2020 pics below. :) 

Now standby for our vow renewal pics - courtesy of Jillian Lynch Photography tagged in my blog as one of my favorite websites. Enjoy!


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