Phelan Vow Renewal

Warning - this is a long one!!! 

What an amazing day - and an incredible way to celebrate our 10th.....exactly ten years to the day after we got married. We decided to get together on the beach in Hyannis, just a short distance from our house on the Cape. 

We usually get together with a small group of our friends during Fourth of July and Jim's parents live on the Cape year round. Therefore, we brought everyone together and enjoyed a fun renewal on Keyes Beach in Hyannis. Jill captured the most amazing photos. She is extremely talented. She also took awesome family pics of us last fall on Horn Pond which I wrote about a few months ago

A few days before the ceremony, Jim, myself and the boys were over the Boschs rental house as we do every year for the Fourth. They typically rent a really nice large house and we do a big sleepover and make a nice seafood dinner. After dinner, Jim and I asked Bosch if he would officiate and also asked the girls to be impromptu flower girls. It all came together so amazing. HUGE thank you to the Boschs for being such incredible friends. You nailed it and your girls were perfection! 

Auntie Chrissy stepped in big time and carried Cal down the "aisle" because his belly hurt. We had gone swimming earlier in the day and he swallowed a ton of water. He immediately had hiccups and couldn't stop burping so I THINK he had stomach gas pains. Anyway, he recovered wonderfully and bounced back. 

Auntie Chrissy also stepped in and carried the big #10 sign for Cal and the twins carried "years" and "later" for "10 years later" which we stuck in the sand during the ceremony. Humongous shout out to Lindsey’s sister Kelly for the creativity and dedication for making ALL the signs. You can find her business KellyKellyCrafts on Instagram. 

Linds and Chrissy brought all the champagne to the beach for everyone to have a cheers. My Dad had the idea of lining everyone up at the bottom of the stairs so Jim and I could walk through everyone and say “hey” as we headed towards the ceremony down by the water. 

This is when Jim said “happy birthday” instead of happy anniversary. It was hilariously adorable. 

At the end, Jim surprised me with a brand new wedding band. It's a fancier wedding band than the one I have had the past ten years. It's really pretty and I love it!!! 

Callahan Family

Phelan Family 

Julie and Katie!

Keryn and Suz!

Chrissy and Linds!

On to the big Reception at our Cape Cod House aka "the little house" as the boys call it.  Huge thank you to Tom who grilled on the bbq and thank you to Irene who made some sides and also baked 48 cupcakes for Cal’s birthday celebration!!

Caden :)
Conor :)

Lindsey and Bosch - we cannot thank you enough for shucking all five dozen of these oysters!! You rock!

Little photo sesh after Jill told Jimmy and I that we didn’t take one photo together at the beach haha. Here goes! 

I posted this on fb:  “Words can’t express our gratitude for our 10 year anniversary/vow renewal. From making food/desserts (Irene, Mom and Suz) to a massive BJs run to buy everything (T) to oyster shucking and champagne pouring (Linds) to getting a speech prepared and your adorable girls ready as flower girls in less than 24 hours (Bosch and Suz) to carrying my Cal pal down the aisle and helping me get dressed (Chrissy) to picking up tents due to rain forecast (Keryn) to driving 2 hours down the Cape and back to take STUNNING photos (Jill) to helping set up tents (Bosch and Joe) to grilling all the food (Tom) to picking up the lobsters (Barbie and Frank) and soooooo much more like ice runs, lending tables, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We truly are the luckiest!”

Although I don’t have many pictures of just the two of them, I really want to give an extra special ‘thank you’ to my mom and dad. They helped us set up tents and flowers and chairs and lights. They also picked up ice, countless additional things like cheese or condiments, the boutonnières for the boys and corsages for the girls. My mom also made a fruit salad. They drove all the way down the Cape on Thursday and stayed in a hotel for two nights just to be available for whatever help we needed. They also had Cal for an hour before the ceremony and got him dressed. And lastly, they picked up all 25 lobsters in between the ceremony and reception so they would be hot and fresh in time for dinner. Thank you Mom and Dad!! It wouldn’t have been as successful had you not been there. Look at these two - front and center. ;)  Love you!


Last but not least - thank you, Jimbo. Thank you for almost twenty years of companionship and love. Thank you for giving me the three most adorable boys that I love with my entire heart. Thank you for everything you do each day to help me, support me, and keep me happy. Thank you for ALL the effort you put in to make the ceremony perfect. Thank you for all the effort you put in every day to make our lives perfect (well, perfect to us). 

You worked your butt off finding tents and lights to make sure everyone was comfortable. Thank you for buying all the seafood for the raw bar and booze and ice....just everything to help make it run smoothly. You have always been so good at all the behind the scenes HARD WORK that no one else wants to do (every single day - not just for this party). I see it. And I see you. And for that, I love you. You make me so happy. 

You can find the entire photo album on Jills website below, password: hyannis20

Photography: Jillian Lynch Photography 

Venue: Keyes Beach, Hyannis, MA

Floral Design: Sharon Phelan - cape house ;)

Gown: (bridal section)

Boys Suits: JCrew

Groom Suit: Jos A Bank

Food: Cape Fish and Lobster Hyannis (W Main St) and Stop & Shop Hyannis (Attucks Lane)

Hair: Jillian Lynch Photography 

Cupcakes: Irene Phelan

Signs: KellyKellyCrafts on Instagram 

7/10/2010 and 7/10/2020

All for now,


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