Cape Cod in the Fall

Cape Cod visits in the Fall are my absolute favorite - for many reasons. First, there are less people. There are less people in restaurants, less people on the beach, and less traffic. So that’s awesome. There are also less bugs. I love that I can keep my windows and doors open with no mosquito worries. And there is no heat/humidity. 

Right now, it’s a solid 60-65 and super comfortable. Jim and I golfed yesterday in Chatham and it was a gorgeous day. After that, we got espresso martinis at Colombo’s in Hyannis and then had a seafood dinner with Jims family. We had oysters and wine, and then I made coconut shrimp and shrimp fradiavlo. Yum!

We've spent the morning at our “Little house” today.  All of our windows are open, the leaves are falling, the kids are playing, an apple/cinnamon candle is burning, and I’m drinking a PSL. It’s pretty picture perfect. :)

All for now! Enjoy the weekend :)


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