Proud Mom 🙃

Don’t have much to report today - other than the boys have been doing amazing. It’s been challenging to get everyone up and on schedule each day - as each day is different. We got Cal back into daycare, a different/new daycare near our house. He goes a few days at the beginning of the week.  

Conor and Caden have been going to the Boys and Girls Club a few days a week to do their remote learning there so Jim and I can work. It’s amazing to have the program but also a little frustrating that we have to pay for the program, as they would otherwise be in school each day. What a strange time. It is all so bizarre. 

The twins have virtual learning all day on Wednesdays with a different teacher (different from the Mon/Tues remote teacher), and then they go in person on Thursday and Friday at school with that same Wednesday virtual teacher. While the twins are in their regular school program til noon,  Cal goes to his Woburn preschool Thursday and Friday mornings til 10:15 (they all cohort B). Is it bad that saying all that makes me tired?

Now onto the positive things that made my day today! My kids! 

Cal pal had school pictures today at daycare. I was able to capture a few pics before we made our way there. He looks SO big to me lately. Soooo big. I have been thrilled with Cals transition into this program. He has been super happy and he even ASKS to go back to school each day. I am so thankful for them and so proud of Cal. 

Here’s a pic from school!

Caden, Conor, Cal and I participated in the Woburn Public Library coloring contest - here is Caden's pumpkin. We got the boys these blue light glasses. Caden LOVES them! He also loves his pumpkin and so do I. He kept saying “mom isn’t it so beautiful?!”. His passion and love for this project made me very, very happy. I love witnessing this happiness and his pride. Happy Mom moment for sure. 

When the boys start getting tired and stop paying attention to their teacher, I make them do jumping jacks, push ups, or something to get the blood flowing! Haha they think it’s silly and fun. 

Conor also made me so proud today.  His teacher knows that math is his strong subject. We have talked about it a few times this school year. Earlier today, the teacher went around the class and asked each student to answer a math problem. Everyone did excellent. When she came to Conor, she asked a really difficult one. He got it right. She followed up and asked him to explain his reasoning to the class. He tried but couldn’t really explain his logic. She proceeded to tell Conor and the class that Conor has something or does something called “mental math” where it comes naturally to him. He is able to do math in his brain and can’t really explain his thinking - if that makes sense. The biggest takeaway that makes me MOST happy is that he LOVES it. He is proud of himself. I can see his confidence booming and therefore, I love it. 

All children have different strengths and challenges. I’ve learned this first hand through Early Intervention (thank you Genevieve and Kristina!). I am not bragging about Conor - more emphasizing his strengths and recommending to parents to find those strengths. Work with your child and your child’s teacher so they can help work with your child too. This is the best to help your child be the best he/she/them can be!

Focus on you, your family, and your kids, and you’ll get through this crazy time just fine. :)

All for now!



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