First Non-Cape Cod Thanksgiving

This was our first year not in the Cape for Thanksgiving. It made me very sad! We love going there for Thanksgiving; it’s definitely a tradition. Check out my post from Thanksgiving 2017  It’s so fun to reread those memories and look back at how little the boys were.

We didn’t go for obvious reasons, plus Cal was sick on Friday so we wanted him to stay home so we could go back to the doctor if needed. 

19lb turkey.  We brined it, and stuffed it and it cooked for over 4 hours. 

Found the boys making a fort of my closet

We painted the kitchen yesterday. Finally got rid of that gross pea soup color. Good lord that was awful. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the weekend. Although it feels like Sunday, it’s Saturday!!


P.S This was Thanksgiving in Cape Cod 2011 - when we first bought the Cape house. Look at the bare walls! Haha 

And the day after Thanksgiving 5 years ago ... Woburn does this cute Christmas festival on the Common. The boys were so little - Conor was asleep. It would be so fun to do at their  ages now. 


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