Thanksgiving Prep. Thanks Barbie!

This is a quick post. Just sharing what my mom and I made together today.  Some things not pictured. 

We started off by brining the turkey. This is the first year I’ve done it. I submerged the turkey and added salt, sugar, rosemary, thyme, parsley, chives, onion, orange, lemon, 

I also made some sausages to add to my stuffing tomorrow. I’m just going to make a stove top and add some things like cranberries, celery, and sausage.

My mom made TWO apple pies and a pumpkin pie. She killed it today.

I am stealing this recipe from my friend Lauren. It’s Brussels with EVOO, sea salt, and brown sugar. 

Spinach artichoke dip on the bottom left - pies and squashes above that. 

Garlic mashed potatoes with onion 

My view currently while writing this blog lol

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



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