Cake Pop Fun!

These were fun - but took SO LONG to make. Lots of steps, and I’m certainly not a patient person. I am glad I made them, but I likely won’t do it again. Haha 

I started with a homemade cake - just a simple vanilla cake recipe with these ingredients.  The confectioners sugar was for the frosting. 

I blended the cake ingredients together and baked it. 

Conor helped with the frosting! This one of their favorite things to help me with. 

I then wrapped an empty box and stabbed the sticks in it - hoping it would help hold them upright while they were drying. Spoiler alert: It didn’t really help. They kept falling and it was miserable. 

Cake is done! I let it cool and then crumbled it up. I also made vanilla pudding - thinking I would add it to the cake crumbles to make the balls, but I opted to add frosting instead. So the boys ate the pudding. 

Crumbled cake, pudding (didn’t use it), ice cream scoop, different colored frosting, sprinkles, and gold dust! 

I ended up crumbling it even more - the finer the better almost like bread crumbs. 

I added the food coloring to two different batches of frosting which I then added to the crumbled cake - to keep the colors separate. And then rolled them up like meatballs! Red and green. 

I was originally going to coat all of them with frosting but I thought it would be messy - especially if I’m bringing them somewhere. So then I decided to melt chocolate and dip them in it. That ended up being messier. 

But prior to dipping/decorating, you need to dip the stick into the melted chocolate and insert the stick into the cake pop, then freeze/chill so it stays inside the pop. 

I didn’t have any room in my freezer - this worked just fine. :)

Then I dipped the pops in the melted chocolate. I was afraid they would fall off the stick if I moved them around in the chocolate a lot. So I sort of did a half coat, which ended up being plenty. And I added sprinkles while it was still wet. 

They were super drippy and melting, so I put them back on the deck in the snow. 

Finished products.  See the gold dust?! 

I let the boys have these frosting ones. 

All for now! If you make these and have any tips, I’m all ears! 

Merry Christmas!




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