Cal’s Christmas Interview

I saw a funny thing online where people ask their kids a bunch of questions to hear their response. When my parents took the twins to church on Christmas Eve, I asked Cal these questions. Jim took notes. Here goes!

1) what is your name

cal phelan

2) how old are you?
10 (jokingly, after that he said 4)
3) what is something mommy always says to you
this is how we dance song
4) what makes you happy
Mommy, loving mommy...I want juice please
5) what makes you sad
making me fall, when I fall, yeah
6) what makes you laugh
loving mommy
7) how old is mommy
8) how old is daddy
20 40
9) what is your favorite thing to do
favorite game is doing mario bros
10) who is your best friend
11) what do you want to be when I grow up
dance like mommy
12) what are you really good at
this is how I do it song
13) what are you not good at
conor putting the coin over here
14) what did you do today
playground (we didn't go to the playground) watched elmo
15) what is your favorite food
peanut butter sandwich
16) favorite song
this is how we do it
17) what do you want for xmas
teddy bear...yeah! (he never asked for one and he doesn't want one, he wants a sled, and a switch)
18) what does daddy do for work
working, work on the computer
19) where do you live
at a house, right here
20) what is your favorite place to go
here, to the yellow house
21) tell me something I don't know
22) what do you like to play at school
23) what makes you happy
kissing mommy
24) what do I like at the beach
25) what makes you feel brave
26) who makes the best fort
27) what is your super hero name
28) what is your favorite bug



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