Christmas Cookie Decorating

We made sugar cookies yesterday morning, let them cool all day and decorated them last night. They kids were soooo into it! We made homemade frosting - conors favorite thing is to use the mixer. We did three different color frostings - blue for Conor, green for Caden, and red for Cal!

This is where Cal sits 90% of the time I’m in the kitchen cooking. He never gets in my way. Not at all. ;)

I made two different styles. Simple flat cookies that the boys could decorate, and then little mini muffin/cupcake things. They aren’t very sweet at all so I may coat the mini muffins with some of the frosting. 

Espresso martini. I made it with real espresso, caramel vodka (usually use vanilla vodka), kahlua, and a dash of baileys. It was good!

Stirring up our individually colored frosting!

I only got photos of Cal and Conors cookies. Caden (my sweet tooth), ate all of his before I could snag a pic! 

Festive beverages 


All for now!


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