First time shellfishing

Not a long post here but Jim recently applied for a shellfishing license in Barnstable. It’s a fraction of the cost if you are a resident. We’ve gone out twice now - here’s a few pics from two different outings. 

Jims mom joined us on day two. We did much better since it was low tide. It’s really fun and the boys loved finding oysters! They’ve haven’t eaten them yet though. One day!

We are able to get a half peck per week. So we first went out on a Friday and then the second time was technically the second week. A half peck is about 30ish oysters. We had them both raw and I made oysters Rockefeller. Both delicious!  We had some stags wine and a firepit in the backyard. Can’t wait to do it again for NYE. We will miss our annual dinner, festivities and sleepover at the Boschs but there’s always next year!




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