Homemade Brew

Here’s a delayed post - Jimbo made another batch of his homemade beer a few months ago. He got together with some coworkers and friends, and made a couple batches. One group made a brown and Jim made an IPA. There are a LOT of steps and I probably should have him write out what they did, but for now here are their steps in pictures haha. Best I could do as a non chemical engineer!

This isn’t the first step but I thought it was funny. 

This was one of the first steps. After steeping these grains, similar to tea, this is what it looked like. You can then bake this with some peanut butter and give to dogs for some treats!

We took a little brewing break to find some caterpillars and watch the Patriots game, in the garage. 

Charlie came by (this was back in maybe Sept??).  All he does is give hugs!!! It’s so sweet. 

Caden practicing his back swing. 

Then Jim did some draining thing lol.  This is what he sent me when I asked for beer making instructions:
“Purchase materials, boil wort, add a lot of hops, primary ferment 2 weeks, dry hop, secondary fermentation 1 week, keg 1 week. Drank”

So there ya go folks. Go for it!! 

Yum! Thanks Jimbo!

And two adorable nephew pics because why not?! 



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