Snow Day!! So much fun

What a fun, festive few days. My friend Lauren came over after work yesterday and we made an awesome stuffed pepper dinner recipe with some fresh margs w/ casamigos (hoping they’ll sponsor me first, Chrissy). 

Pictures to recap: 

We did so many fun Christmas things with the boys today - lauren made the boys some homemade Christmas inspired pancakes this morning, then we made brunch Shakshuka (my favorite), the boys went outside and went sledding, then we baked an apple pie. To top it off, we all made magic reindeer food! 

Somewhere in there Caden made Lauren some hot chocolate, gave her a blanket, and put the fire on for her - he was adorable and I think he’s in love. 

Here are the pancakes!

And the shakshuka

We made this fun reindeer food - to help energize the reindeers on Christmas Eve! 

And throw in a little remote learning because you know, #2020! Ha 

All for now!



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