Oysters 3 Ways

We got about 200 oysters this weekend - crazy! We originally got a half peck (half of the bucket below) but they said we were now able to get a full peck which is about 100ish. So we got about 100 Saturday and another 100 on Sunday. Whaaaaaat. 

So here’s my recommendation for oysters three different ways:

1.) Raw with a little lemon (or cocktail/hot sauce if you prefer).  My fav:

2.) Oysters Rockefeller, with a little siracha:

3.) Oysters with Pasta:

I merged two dishes here - lemon zest, pasta, oysters and cheese.  Then added some red sauce and red pepper flakes. 

Paired it with an Orin Swift fav that reminds me of one of my favorite friends from LA, Erin.  Miss you!!!! ;)

Enjoy the long weekend!

All for now.




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