Most Basic/Delicious Chicken Parm Ever

I just indulged in an amazing dinner - tried to stick with a smaller portion. But I made a super basic chicken parm and holy moly it was good. I’m not italian at all - I don’t claim to be. Dad - you would honestly love this. 

I tenderized the chicken and breaded each piece with bread crumbs, flour, parm cheese, and garlic salt.  Then threw it in the pan - few minutes each side. After all the cutlets were done, I added half the chicken cutlets to a glass baking dish with sauce and sprinkled with mozz cheese.  The sauce consisted of whole peeled tomatoes, salt, pepper, and garlic salt. So basic. I usually throw in veggies, and garnishes like parsley, and a bunch of different things.  I loved how simple this was ...

I also made some penne and asparagus on the side. 

This was the kids plate - I added sauce to their pasta but kept their chicken plain. 

Oh and I forgot two Peloton classes that I really, really love. They are worth mentioning:

The Flash 15 (with Jess) and of course the bike bootcamp with the dumbbells! Thanks T for the weights.  I use them all the time. These are awesome and I literally look forward to them. About to hop on the bike now!




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