Peloton Update!!!

I know, I know. You guys have been anxiously awaiting my peloton update since my bike arrived on Jan 25th. 

In short, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I have honestly not had a good hard workout since probably 2010. Sure, I have done short workouts, gone for walks, hikes etc but this is a whole different level. This is like HARD. It pushes me and best of all, it makes me want to workout. 

The newness will eventually wear off, but for now I love it and love how the bike is making me feel. It’s driving energy, positivity, making me eat better, work better, etc. Overall, I feel BETTER. And that’s the most important thing. 

My kids chant “go shaz by the sea!” (My username) while I am on the bike. It’s so cute. They also say “wow mom, you are going so fast” or “you are doing so much better than her!” Haha which obviously makes me giggle. 

Favorite classes you ask? Favorite instructors? Ok. These are my absolute favorites.  I love Ally LOVE!! She is so motivating and so awesome. She’s a great instructor - focuses on breathing and form and pushing yourself. She’s great. The Beyoncé ride was literally everything. 

Guys. A HAMILTON RIDE?? This was the very first ride I ever did. I took it at Chrissy and Lindsey’s and it was life changing. I finished the ride, went home, and purchased my peloton later that night. Robin is incredible. She’s pregnant so she’s completely inspirational. I think she’s amazing. 

Cody is my comic relief. He’s absolutely awesome - pushes you and he’s SO MUCH FUN. He has some fun creative dance moves while on the bike - or while doing the boot camps. Speaking of boot camps, those are unreal. You bike for 6-8 min, then do a strength class for 14-20 min (depending on the length of the class) and then finish with another 6 min ride. It’s awesome. Boot camp with Cody? Even better!

More Broadway!!! And Broadway with Ally Love? Win win! Haha these classes are so fun and making me wish I was home and able to hop on the bike right now. 

Last but not least TUNDE!!! She is UNREAL. She is a badass who really pushes me. When I want a for real intense workout, I choose one of her classes. I honestly love so many. Can’t wait for my follow up post in a month!

Have a wonderful long weekend!



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