Encore Part ✌🏻


We had such an awesome weekend at Encore. Special thanks to my Dad for setting everything up - and everyone else who pitched in (Chrissy, Linds, Tom, Irene, Ryan, etc) to make it a super special weekend. ;)

On Friday night, my dad, Jim and I went to Encore while Chrissy and Lindsey watched my boys with Charlie. That was a huge help and we were able to have such a chill, relaxing night Friday in preparation for Saturday’s festivities! We left Encore early Saturday to bring the boys to soccer. We then had a birthday bbq lunch for T and Mark at our house - even two diff cakes for their bdays haha. Later that night on Saturday, Mark, T, Ashley, Joe, Jim and I had a delicious spread and fun drinks at Mystique. We went to the same restaurant for Jims 35th bday too! 

We drove the Jeep to encore. It was beautiful out!! 

We got really dressed up on Saturday and had a great night. Dinner was awesome, gambling was fun, we played some fun games. Huge thank you to Tom and Irene for watching all four boys (mine plus baby Noah!). It was really a fabulous night. 

I hit my dads favorite machine for like $150 and felt like a boss lol (I do NOT gamble). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
All for now!! 


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