Best Brunch Award!

Best brunch award goes to Jimbo!! He made such an awesome spread yesterday morning. He had asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I said a nice brunch spread with bagels/lox and for the kids to play outside. That’s pretty much a win in my book!

He went to Bagel World in Reading early in the AM and ordered ahead of time (smart!). He got my fav bagels and all the fixing for the sides - he also made bacon and eggs. He also made sure to stock up on mimosa ingredients for us. 

Jim also bought me, his mom, and my mom gorgeous flowers yesterday. And on Saturday (for Noah’s birthday/baptism), he bought his sister and Grammy flowers too. 

Since Jims parents stayed over this weekend, we celebrated Conor and Cadens birthday again! They sure are lucky boys. So many people love them. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts, FaceTimed, and celebrated Conor and Caden over the last week. We love all of you!

Thank you again to Jimbo for celebrating all the Moms in your life and being such a caring husband and dad. It was truly a special day. 




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