Welcome Cora Frances Callahan!

Cora Frances Callahan came into this world at 8:19 on 8/19  the first GIRL! She weighed 8lbs 5oz, just like her big brother Charlie. She is absolutely precious and seems to be a very good baby so far. Big brother Charlie is obsessed with her and has assumed his new role wonderfully. I’m so happy to have a niece!! Congratulations, Chrissy and Lindsey!

Here is the last photo as a family of three, headed to the hospital. Lindsey is wearing the same shirt when they were en route to the hospital in NY to have Charlie  “made with love and a little bit of science” - so perfect!

“Go Time” with Charlie left, Cora right. 

Big Brother Charlie with Cora :)

Big Cousin Cal with Cora :)

Auntie Shaz with Cora :)

How cute is this?? Conor, Caden, Cal, Charlie and Cora all wearing the same outfit! Conor and Caden are together, Cal is too right, Charlie with the giraffe, and Cora on the left. Haha. 

You are one lucky lady, Cora. We are so excited to welcome you to the family. Love you all!


Auntie Shaz 

PS Here is Charlie’s welcome post from Aug 2019!



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