Mom Weekend Getaway Round 2

Two of my girlfriends and I visited Chatham last year for a Mom weekend getaway. We had massages, fresh air, and lots of good food and wine.  I blogged about it before.  And two years before that, Suz and I spent a weekend at the Chatham Bars Inn. 

So naturally, we were due for another trip. My friend Abby suggested a new place in Rhode Island called Shepherds Run which is an old covenant-turned-winery. The place is so unique - beautiful grounds with intricate details inside the tasting area. 

When we first arrived, we started out with a wine tasting flight and then later enjoyed a glass on our deck overlooking the vineyards. It was chilly so we ended up back inside and dove into Abby’s charcuterie board. There isn’t food on-site so it was recommended that we bring a picnic or charcuterie.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon. We didn’t need to rush to get ready for dinner which was absolutely perfect. Instead we sipped some wine, listened to music, and caught up on all the kiddos, husbands, and life in general. 

When Abby got married in 2014, she had a local restaurant/oyster bar cater her wedding called Matunuck. I remember an insane amount of shrimp, oysters, etc on display during cocktail hour. It was so impressive and delicious. We ended up going to Matunuck last night for dinner!! 

We tried so many different things including raw oysters, broiled oysters with a bourbon sauce, sautéed sea scallops with a garlic ginger sauce (pictured below), calamari, poke, and salmon. 

My Conor knows that scallop shells are my favorite shell. When we go shell fishing in the Cape, he always collects them for me. This is an old pic of the shells from Truro this past summer. “One for each person in our family”, Conor said. 

Watching a movie before bed. :)  

All for now!


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