French Onion Soup

What a perfect day for baking and cooking, am I right??! The snow was so pretty. The kids were home on school vacation. We’re just living our best lives over here. :)

I made a few different dishes - Jim’s Uncle Roland sent over some recipe suggestions for me. I made a cheese ravioli with London broil in the crockpot (mainly for the boys). And I made a French onion soup for me and Jim.  Hahahahaha I just now realized I made “London” broil and “French” onion soup hahaha London and France….😂😂

I also baked yet another banana bread because the boys literally fly through it.  I have some videos on my TikTok if all my recipes! :)

And here’s the London broil, with the cheese ravioli from Bella Ravioli in Medford. My dad loves that place. 

Both dishes were so yummy; such great comfort foods for winter! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm  




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