Life in 2023 🤍

Fast forward and I now have almost a decade of blogging under my belt - mostly during the hardest years of my life, albeit the most memorable. 

It’s insane to me that I started this blog while living in Los Angeles, in my 20s, and before children.  That was a different life.  However, one thing has definitely remained constant is my love for cooking. I have shifted platforms a little bit by posting more recipes and videos on TikTok than on my blog. I feel TikTok is more “real time” and the videos bring the recipes to life a bit. If you want to check them out, here’s a link to one of my videos: 

Here we go!

2023 began and we hit the ground running. We of course went to get oysters right away. The boys are getting so good at it. They all got a pair of waders for Christmas so they can go knee-deep in the ocean. 

We FINALLY visited Edaville railroad in Carver, MA. The pandemic definitely delayed this visit but I’m glad we finally went!

Lots of family time over Christmas ♥️

I got Invisalign a few weeks ago. I am on tray 3 of 10! 

My Dad is awesome and painted my den. I’ve hated this ‘pea soup’ color since we first moved in in 2015. It’s finallyyyyy gone. 

We celebrate my brother in law Joe’s 40th birthday! Had an awesome time. We did a tour of the Sam Adams brewery and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Tuscan Kitchen in the Seaport. The manager was incredible and hooked us up with a gorgeous private room. What an awesome experience. 

Had some quality time with my niece and nephew in the Cape. Ever since putting on the addition, I want to spend every weekend there (but it’s hard when the boys are in so many sports!).  

Celebrated turning 38 with a Bruins game, hibachi dinner with the boys, and of course HAMILTON!!!! So incredibly amazing. 

We had an epic New Years Eve celebration at our friends the Bosches house. 

Jim surprised me with a Burberry scarf. Love it :)

A few snow days, trudging through the snow to go to school. 

Cal is loving basketball!

I made tiramisu and it was amazing. 

Walking to the bus stop - I’m reminded more and more that I have “almost” triplets. It’s insane how similar in size they are now. 

Spent some wonderful time with my fellow twin mamas. 

All for now! 


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